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Welcome To Epic.Haus! is a semi-moderated instance for like-minded, diverse, open, supportive, people to gather. This is a place to meet, talk, teach, explore, and celebrate what makes us beautiful, wonderful, and expressive people. Here many kinds of passions are celebrated and appreciated.
No trolls. No jerks. No NSFW enthusiasts. No excessive vulgarity. No snarky/judgey/willfully ignorant or otherwise obnoxious people. LGBTQIAPK+ friendly. Kindness and openness is A MUST. Carebears WELCOME.

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About Me/This Instance

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I'm an EXTREMELY INTROVERTED person with an EXTREMELY DIVERSE set of interests. It's hard for me to find communities of people that are into (or at least appreciate and don't make fun of) the same kind of things I think are epic so I made this place to kind of gather like-minded people together. If I could, I'd have a huge house (ideally designed by Zaha Hadid Architects) where I would live with a tribe of amazing, diverse, supportive open, epic people. This Mastodon instance is the digital equivalent of that dream.

I use the word epic in a variety of ways ... but mainly to describe things that greatly (see what I did there) excite, interest, inspire, or fascinate me. I may not be a hardcore FAN/OTAKU of all those things (some I am) but I can appreciate the art, beauty, uniqueness, and energy of them ...

My List Of Epic

My personal list of epic includes things like (but is not limited to):

TV (especially anything foreign with subtitles i.e. Nordic Noir) • Asian Drama (KDrama/JDrama/CDrama etc) • Anime/Manga • Comics/Graphic Novels • Geek • Kpop • Film • Theater • Cigars/Pipes/Tobacco • Fluid Sexuality • Polyamory • Art • Music and Composition (EDM/Opera/Classical/Enka etc) • Videogames (PC Gaming/Console Gaming/Mobile Gaming) • D/s • Psychology/Sociology/Philosophy • Photography (Digital/Traditional etc) • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain • General Technology (New/Retro/Experimental/Futuretech) • Computer Programming • Maker Arts (Crafting/Mechanical Design/Engineering/3DPrinting etc) • Motorcycles • Cars (Classic/Engines/Building/Racing) • Fashion • Health and Fitness • Wine and Beer • Food (Cooking/Foodie/Recipes etc) • Cats (not memes but your own pets) • Gifs • Writing (Novel writing/Fanfic/Slash/Poetry etc) • Reading • Architecture • Sports (Golf/Lacrosse/Snowboarding/Bull Riding/Tennis/CycloCross) • and way more things I'm exploring and learning ...

These are topics I LOVE to discuss, LOVE to hear about, LOVE to share, and LOVE to learn about. I welcome anyone who has similar tastes or interests. You don't have to LIKE any of these things but you shouldn't be here to downplay, make fun of, or otherwise troll anyone who does. I'm a passionate person - and I like the passion of others - so anyone passionate, expressive, honest, kind, friendly, and appreciative of others is welcome in this haus.

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