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"Geek culture isn’t suddenly left wing... it always was. You just grew up to be intolerant. You became the villain in the stories you used to love ..."

Ok (HBO) ... you absolutely had my attention as soon as I saw , , , and ... An epic cast doesn't always make an epic show but I'm willing to tune in June 21st to see.

I loved and reruns. was a wonderful, talented, beautiful and man who slayed and really made people pay attention when he was on screen. I hope this version of Perry Mason does that legacy proud.

never disappoints. Written by Sarah Gubbins and based on the novel of the same name by Susan Scarf Merrell, this oddly satisfying portrayal of lust, attraction, and stimulating inspiration holds one's interest alongside a first-class cast that dazzles. What comes to the forefront in is the emotional bond between two very different women. One thing is certain – you’re in for a pleasurable treat." -

‘Did I Miss Anything?’: A Man Emerges From a 75-Day Silent Retreat.

On the morning of May 23, Daniel Thorson rejoined society after an absence of two and a half months.

He had spent that time in silent meditation in a cabin in remote northwestern Vermont, where he is part of a Buddhist monastic community.

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Black lives have been struggling and fighting since we are conceived and not a single one of yall have say a goddamn thing until we die and THAT is fucked up. That is what we talk about when we say antiblackness.

Because yall don't see us until our deaths are a public spectacle on fucking YouTube.

Breast "physics" in are some of the absolute worst animation atrocities ever. Often I am simply amazed by them, sometimes horrified, other times I just can't stop laughing. just might be at the top of my WTF list right now. This madness is .......

I often post on social media about the awful and mindblowingly horrendous yet epic in ... clone might be the winner here ...

It's been so hard during the pandemic. I've been really struggling with feeling creative or inspired. The words are there but it feels like I can't reach them most days. I have kept trying ... putting down even just a few sentences a day. Every sentence adds up though, even if it doesn't feel like progress. I just hit page 250 today and I finally feel like I've actually accomplished something even though it's not as much as I would have liked by May. It's something ...

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I wrote 200 pages of my novel last year after my surgery (between March & November) and it was truly amazing. I was finally free of chronic pain that had been crippling me for so many years and my creative juices were flowing and words were exploding all over the page. I never imagined I'd ever make so much progress writing and I was excited to continue onward this year ... but then ...

With a negative net worth of $65 billion and an additional $140 billion in unfunded liabilities, the USPS originally expected to run out of liquidity by 2021 without intervention. That has accelerated rapidly because of COVID-19.

A captivating dramatic short film to watch - is the latest short written and directed by . It's a film about "fathers, sons, and tennis", but it's also about masculinity. The filmmaker is trying to grapple with the frustration of – and how it's passed down between generations how you're forced into it at a young age, how hard it is to fight against it if you resist, how much it becomes a normal part of a man's life.

I just need to repeat that I regret taking a few months off to work on my outline ... getting back into the absolutely epic flow of I was in last year is just not happening. It's already near end of February and I haven't restarted my novel yet. I'm angry at myself ...

Starring , , and , originally premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, and went on to play at dozens of festivals, winning over 20 awards in the process. Now it's an Oscar winner, too.

Dizzia gives a superb performance in this, and that's only part of what makes it stand out. This has the depth and compassion of a film like , packed into only 20 minutes.

Finally just watched . There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with that movie. It was amazing and a wonderful cast. There's zero reason aside from racism and misogyny that that movie should have flopped. It was fine. More than fine in fact.

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