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The upper is made from , tree, and the outsole is made from real rubber from rubber trees—versus petroleum-based rubber—that is also sustainably sourced. The midsole, AKA the part of the running shoe that cushions and absorbs shock, is made from sustainably grown castor beans. To round it all out, a bloom algae foam sockliner helps to stave off odor.

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The Forever Floatride GLOW will be their first foray into plant-based performance running shoes. “The biggest challenge in making a shoe like this was developing plant-based materials that could meet the high performance needs of real runners,” says , Vice President of Reebok Future.

Reebok spent three years developing the shoe, which will launch next fall.

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just announced the arrival of their Forever Floatride GLOW, which comes from plant-based matter.

Reebok set out to create a version of their Energy shoe, as part of a larger initiative to create products from natural or materials. For example, in 2018, the brand launched made of cotton and corn.

is the of several bestselling series, including one simply called "Dark" -- in her application with the , she has applied for the exclusive right to use the word "Dark" (in "standard characters without claim to any particular font style, size, or color") in "Series of fiction works, namely, novels and books."

warnings don’t help people cope with distressing material ...

"...Harvard research found the use of trigger warnings increased participants' belief in the vulnerability of people with – an unwelcome effect that the researchers described as a form of 'soft stigma' ... McKendree research found that the only meaningful effect of trigger warnings was to increase people's belief in the sensitivity of others to upsetting material and in the need for warnings."

Created by (a youth worker and writer who was named one of the UK’s most inspiring women by Amnesty UK in 2018) a new campaign is raising funds to give a proper to young people who aren’t able to celebrate with their family due to estrangement.

Compas said she was driven to create as a “passion project” after personal experience with the difficultly of strained family relationships during Christmas.

Rennosuke and the Three Light Sabers adapts to the story of from the end of through the end of .

described the children of single mothers as “ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate” in a newly unearthed 1995 article which Labour has claimed shows the prime minister’s “dark-age” attitudes towards .

The Tory leader said it was “outrageous that married couples should pay for ‘the single mothers’ desire to procreate independently of men”.

He suggested it was “feeble” for a man to be unable or unwilling to “take control of his woman”.

The hoiku mark’s creators say they were inspired by seeing a mother on a train struggling to comfort her bawling baby, and wishing there were some way to automatically let parents in similar distress know that help was available.

The badges indicate that the bearer is approaching the parent to offer help, not chastise them for their unruly child, and also to get around Japanese people’s society-wide reluctance to ask strangers for help, for fear of bothering them.

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In a country where asking for, and even offering, help can be culturally difficult, these kindhearted badges aim to make a difference. Called the hoiku (child care) mark, they’re a sign that the bearer is ready and willing to help parents who’re having a hard time while riding the rails with small kids.

A stray dog has been discovered by the side of a road keeping a litter of abandoned kittens warm in Ontario. They wanted to rehome "Serenity" (the dog) and the kittens together but it takes longer for people to adopt older dogs and kittens are easier to rehome. However, black cats are harder to find homes for because "of their association with witches" and "they aren't as photogenic for social media posts."


With her buttoned-up style, work with the UN, and name like a plucky character in a certain English wizard series, may not seem a likely pioneer of experimental . But her work in the sixties and seventies indeed made her a forerunner of so much contemporary electronic music that most every current legend in the business—from and the to of —credits her in some way or another.


... I hope you're finally at peace now. I know you said you were ok and that you'd work hard for but I guess you really just were tired and so unhappy and just needed to rest finally. I know you're reunited with Sulli and finally you both can be happy and free of pain. You both deserved so much better from life ... I hope you have found paradise far far away.

I'm so tired of losing idols. How many more people do we have to lose to suicide before things change?

Lou understands the source material he's pulling from better than anyone.

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It's ultimately the story of the world we're in now ...

... its what the psychological and spiritual split means. A man who fears himself and his own rage ... and lives in a perpetual state of conflict and loneliness because of it. And now it's like ... oh he merged his brain so he's smart now and is strong. Yeah ... no.

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