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I have never in my life managed to find people who are interested in the same things I am. I actually gave up completely bothering. When I was younger it was impossible to like things without getting slammed into lockers and called a loser or a nerd (which wasn't a cool term back then) Now, as an OLD PERSON, I'm told I'm too old to like stuff ... that it's childish to have certain hobbies or interests. Can't win.

Back in 2016, won the award for her brilliant, endearing story , in which an AI with an insatiable craving for cat pictures explains its view on the world and the way that it makes humans' lives better; now Kritzer has adapted the story into her debut novel, the equally brilliant, superbly plotted thriller .

Was able to see 's award-winning, one-woman show last night courtesy of .

I can see how the TV show built upon the show but there is something that is just so much more powerful about her delivery of the material just as one woman sitting on a stool on stage. Phoebe is amazing and seeing her perform the work was so much more powerful.

is currently triggering the sixth mass . It would likely take several millions of years of normal evolutionary diversification to “restore” the Earth’s species to what they were prior to human beings rapidly changing the planet. Among land vertebrates (species with an internal skeleton), 322 species have been recorded going extinct since the year 1500, or about 1.2 species going extinction every two years.

day 18 ... after blowing through the first part of my novel thanks to years of ruminating on material I didn't think I had the skills or health to write, I'm realizing that I write better when I have had time to THINK about the material and not make it up on the fly. I'm not one to come back later and rethink words. They're in my head already, I just need time to put them on the paper as they exist. For me it's like fine tuning a radio frequency.

“We wanted these characters who were born identical to have lived very different lives, and it was while exploring this path that we came up with the idea of having a character. Tyler is a fully realised, endearing character, whose story is not reduced to simplistic trans tropes. Creating a playable lead trans character – and taking such care to get it right – raises the bar for future inclusion in ."

Am I just confused?
I could have sworn was black ... ??

Why is she cast as white in CW's ?

Is this an alternate universe or ... ?

"The cellphone gives us a lot but it takes away three key elements of discovery: loneliness, uncertainty and boredom. Those have always been where creative ideas come from." —Lynda Barry.

Ruby is similar and I feel like maybe this is her shot to show SOMETHING but maybe even she believes she's just "one type" of character since that's all she's ever played.

I want someone to let her be herself and show whatever skill she has. As of right now she's being overshadowed by nearly every other actress on Batwoman ... including Brianne Howey who was only on the show for like 2 episodes.

I'm rooting for you Ruby ... I genuinely am.

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I kind of think Ruby is like early Megan Fox who did have quite a bit of actual talent but she spent most of her career being told she was just a sex symbol and NOT to act. By the time she had any real control over her own career and started pushing back, she got blacklisted and shamed. But she DID have some skill, just no one wanted to nurture it.

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I'm still watching and I'm realizing Ruby has all the acting skill of a wooden spoon. I used to think it was charming, that she just wasn't getting good opportunities to show more ... but now I'm realizing this just might actually the extent of her range which sucks because ... well .... it just sucks. I want to see her get better. I genuinely do. I will keep watching and hoping.

ABC to stop paying attention to live ratings, giving smaller shows a chance to survive ... Basically, this means that ABC is taking into account the actual way that humans watch TV in 2019, which is “whenever they want” and not “whenever the thing is airing live.”

" just wants to do with people. Not actual blind people, of course. Don’t be stupid. What would blind people know about not seeing things?" - Rob Buckle (from "See is possibly the worst TV programme ever made ...")

“Honestly, sometimes I wish we were living in the ‘olden’ days, when kids hung out with friends and went on dates,” Genevieve, 16, told us. “But that just isn’t what my friends and I do.”

That's the most depressing thing I've ever read.

I'm REALLY, REALLY liking the look of this trailer for , a new retelling of the story ... I hope this ends up being as good as it looks like it's gonna be.

Honestly, you'd have an easier time finding fucking in than you would ONE decent sentence in my today ...

<--- can this crap even be called writing really?

and even that “niceness” proves to be very different from goodness–although I would venture to say that no character in this film possesses the latter quality. The system itself has become so unlivable that we are becoming alienated from our own humanity, bit by bit, until we become used to living in the dark, and forget the feeling of light and freedom." - Lacia (from " is a disquietingly brilliant critique of our times")

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