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's 2012 piece remixed William-Adolphe Bouguereau's 1888 painting The First Mourning/Premier Deuil, giving it a 21st century zest ...

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AMEN to this beautiful business.

Episode one was a heterosexfest but it still looks to be a really enjoyable, sexy thriller about really UNSTABLE people doing really BAD THINGS in the name of love :)

Lunatics and Politics .... 

There is some weird-ass shit going down on the right wing these days.

Javan Rhino. Estimated about 60 remain.

Galapagos Penguin. Estimated about 2000 remain.

Black Rhino. Estimated about 5000 remain.

Indochinese Tiger. Estimated between 600 and 650 remain.

More here:

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Inspired by their work, Imgurian JJSmooth44 made a follow-up to their project and it’s just as powerful as the original.

“I did it as a programming challenge,” JJSmooth44 wrote. “I did it … in python … but the code is very gross. I only worried about the final product and not the readability/niceness of the code.”

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These Pics Are Composed Of As Many Pixels As There Are Animals Still Alive In These Species.

A brilliant 2008 campaign by World Wildlife Fund () has been resurfacing thanks to a recent reddit post going viral. The campaign, called WWF Japan – Population by , was created by the agency C&D / Tokyo.

The brains behind it were creative directors , , and designer .

I've spent a few hours creating my character in and now I'm realizing I don't care as much about playing as I do about finding the proper fedora to go with my HAAAAAAIIIIIIR guuuurrrrll ....

Many great series have had their own in recent years, and now, it’s ’s turn to get one!

Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook features over 70 recipes inspired by ’s cult TV show.

The live action movie for is scheduled to come out in Winter 2020. It will be directed by (Erased, Stepmom and Daughter Blues), the script will be written by (Erased, War of Lie).

It's a well known fact that the Japanese SUCK at making movie adaptations from . It's like all they think they need to do is make a copy the anime on the screen and not actually MAKE A GOOD FILM.

Anyway ... I'm not looking forward to this.

There is a game called from the Broadcasting Company where you play as an employee spreading hate & disinformation across , to educate about the tactics they use. It uses real (sometimes disturbing) social media memes/content.

: A 60th Anniversary Celebration will combine digitally restored versions of six quintessential episodes with an all-new documentary short titled “Remembering "
on ONE DAY ONLY: Thursday, November 14, at 7:00pm

The episodes: “Walking Distance”, “The Invaders”, “Time Enough at Last”, “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”. “Eye of the Beholder” and "To Serve Man”

Check for tickets.

Production has officially wrapped on the according to director ....

"In an article discussing Michael Rosenbaum’s reticence to reprise his role as for , Deadline reports may “return as some version of Wonder Woman” instead of her character, former president Olivia Marsdin."

I would LOVE to see this! That would bring me a ton of joy ♥

's dolls represented the traditional female image, but now, Mattel is introducing that let kids form the expression of the toy themselves. The doll is fully and can be accessorized to be a boy, a girl, neither or both.

The line is called ( Mattel said that it aims to reflect and celebrate "the positive impact of ."

This is a video of " of Copper in Moscow" creating an out of 36 packs of noodles and five liters of resin. Would I even hesitate to smash it to bits and eat it in the event of the apocalypse?

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