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I've written one good sentence so far ... this is going to be a ridiculously UNPRODUCTIVE DAY. I can tell already.

Sorry but this plot just sounds like 100 different kinds of WRONG.

Official US trailer for an indie coming-of-age film, a "comedy of errors about mistaken gender identity", titled Adam. It's the feature directorial debut of Rhys Ernst, a producer on the "Transparent" series, and producer / director of "This Is Me". The film tells the story of an awkward teenage boy who pretends he's a trans man in order to date a lesbian girl he has feelings for.

Many of us learned about her in history class growing up, now we get to see a whole film about her. is responsible for helping free numerous using the in the 1800s, bringing them to the North to freedom. Based on the story of iconic freedom fighter Harriet Tubman, played by , telling of her escape from slavery and subsequent missions to free dozens of slaves in the face of growing pre-Civil War adversity.

Heightening the mystery is the fact that after the special day passed, the cat became weak and was taken to a pet hospital. While the fate of the feline remains unknown, people can’t help but feel this cat really was the manager saying one final goodbye to the store it once loved.

The sign reads:

“This suddenly came to our store early this morning. We led it far away from here but it has returned. We tried to lure it with pet food but it will not move. Today is the anniversary of the death of our store’s manager so we’ve decided to see this situation as a special day. Please forgive us for the hindrance.”

People online were immediately intrigued by the mysterious situation, leaving comments like:

"Welcome home, store manager.”

yesterday was nonexistent. I'm hitting a bit of a wall with this section but I'm hoping for better flow today. Gonna get started right after breakfast, I really want to do at least 5 out of the 15 pages of this section today.

Animation President spoke about the charred remains of the studio, saying, “I think the people living in the neighborhood don’t want to see it. I would like to cover the wreckage, and remove the building quickly.”

He went on to say:

“If it is possible, I would like to turn the site into a park, and erect a monument [to the deceased].”

uBeeJoy has announced the official launch of their latest , . An all-star cast of Japanese voice actors such as Jun Fukuyama, Kumiya Rie, Yukari Tamura, Satomi Arai round out the game quality.

(Australia) is a gothic tale of horror, mystery, and general epicness.

"The adaptation of ’s novel is a gothic, grisly and deliriously compelling view of cynical, contemporary Catholicism. Lambs of God's energy feels like it wafted onto the frame from a potion cooked up a big black cauldron, creating the kind of atmosphere you can feel in the flesh of your temples." - - The Guardian

Starting the 2nd to last section of Chapter 4 today and I'm not that confident about it ... It's technically a continuation of the scene I just finished ... (that took me about 2 weeks) ... it's just now finishing from a different characters perspective. I'm just losing my mind a bit with it ... and as I'm still getting to know my characters, I'm a bit unsure of how she's going to be reacting to things. So Monday starts with a general feeling of ... dafuq? and OMFG ...

Was finally enjoying summer weather, having a nice cigar on my porch when a hailstorm happened out of a bright blue sky. Pelted us with peanut M&M sized hail for like 3 minutes then stopped. Got a nice rainbow though 😁

• New research identifies a bacterium that helps block .

The finding goes hand in hand with the " hypothesis," initially proposed in 1989 by the British scientist .

"The idea is that as humans have moved away from farms and an agricultural or hunter-gatherer existence into cities, we have lost contact with organisms that served to regulate our and suppress inappropriate ."

I can't tell if what I'm so far this week is any good or whether it's bad. It feels just boring. It reads boring. But it's also a lull in the emotional rollercoasters some my characters have been on lately so maybe it's just that ...

I don't fraking know.

(despite saying something quite racist during the trend about black actors "perhaps not deserving" awards) will be starring in new crime drama called DNA. Behind the camera of this planned 8-part series, makes up one half of the showrunning team ...

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