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So that ... interesting incest-y scene I mentioned the other day kind of wrote itself. It actually came out better than I expected and it brought up some interesting concepts of my main characters ability to reality hop that I hadn't considered ... I wasn't sure how far I was going to explore it but I decided to just write how I felt it would go and I'm strangely pleased at how it came out.

Finally hoping to be able to return to full time soon. Health issues have really crushed me the past few weeks AND my mattress has finally given in and so my lower back has been in a state of wreckage that makes it hard to sit.

Despite being really broke I managed to get a new mattress (coming hopefully next week) on a payment 0 interest payment plan. My seems to have cleared up and I just have some residual stiffness ...

Thanks everyone for your kindness and support ♥

The emotionally exhausted movie star was committed by her psychoanalyst Dr. Marianne Kris to the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic in New York. Monroe thought she was going in for a rest cure. Instead, she was escorted to a padded cell. The four days she spent in the psych ward proved to be among the most distressing of her life.

Within days of officer , the who caused ’s death after using an illegal chokehold, being formally let go by New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill, a to support him has raised nearly $100,000.

The total amount—just over $95,000 as of Wednesday morning—nearly exceeds Pantaleo’s $97,000 annual salary.

@shirasade @TheWebRecluse I considered it pretty lame at the time how she kind of just went from amazing and kick ass to ... Neo's girlfriend and no longer had much to do except run around in rags. Well everyone kind of ran around in rags by the end. No one was really all the interesting anymore.

@shirasade @TheWebRecluse Oh ... she just died getting neo to the machine city or in the crash ... then he got out and got sucked in and reabsorbed or whatever. That was it. You mean you're upset she died? Everyone died .... so .... ?

@shirasade @TheWebRecluse they tend to blur together for me .. but I thought they both died?

Come to an interesting section of my book ... one of my main characters sometimes "slips" into alternate realities ... she's in one now and it's one where her girlfriend in Prime Reality is her sister and needless to say it's a tad awkward. What's REALLY interesting is the sister seems aware of something brewing between them and doesn't actually care ... Hmmm ... dunno how THAT got in my book. It just evolved that way ... ?? I may explore it ... we'll see.

is bad ...

At this year's DEF CON researchers showed off the ability to use Bluetooth to identify vulnerable digital speakers. Once identified, hackers could take control of the devices and force them to play "dangerous" sounds that could lead to hearing loss in anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby.

AirDrop can be used by malicious actors to determine your full phone number (which reveals a lot about you) due to the way Bluetooth Low Energy works.

@shirasade wasnt all the BL removed as well from The Untamed?

This is the weirdest shit I've ever seen ...

Firstly, did they really recommend women putting in their vaginas??

Secondly, what exactly happens at 6pm?

This was the greatest headline I've read in a while " Makes a 7-Figure Gift to to Bring Back to the HBCU" ... of course the commentary from black people that followed was some of the most depressing I've read in a while too. I bothers me so much that black people just seem to hate golf for no good reason. I love golf and it's been really great for my body and mind ...

I feel like I'm never going to break 200 pages on my novel ... being stuck on this newest section and also this recent bout of has really slowed me down and I just feel really at a loss. I want to get back on track like I was a few months ago ... 8-10 pages a day ... sometimes as high as 12. I was really on fire and in the flow for the most part. I feel like everything has just fallen apart.

I bought a waist wrap that said it was good for . There were a ton of fake looking reviews that said things like "as soon as I put it on I felt instant relief!" ... I bought it and put it on and the whole time I'm putting it on I'm still unsure of how exactly it's supposed to help me. I got it on and I was like ... wtf ... the pain was gone. I sat down ... no pressure ... I stood up ... no pain. I was shocked. Honestly, I still am but this compression brace actually works.

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