"Geek culture isn’t suddenly left wing... it always was. You just grew up to be intolerant. You became the villain in the stories you used to love ..."

@elitherev I haven't watched any of the Marvel films (only heard offhand how their writing has to adhere to Chinese censorship). Is this still true of those?

@22 Writing hasn't changed for these core aspects of what comic books have always been about.

@22 @elitherev It has been argued that partly as a condition of being funded by the Department of Defense and partly due to the assumptions of the writers, the MCU is more center-right neoliberal/neocon, with a few exceptions.

@elitherev It's even better than that:
Back in a 1973 note on “Star Wars,” Lucas made clear which side he was rooting for in the Vietnam War: “A large technological empire going after a small group of freedom fighters.”

The empire isn't just fascist, it's *literally America*.

star trek 

@elitherev what if I think that star trek TNG is the in-universe fascist propaganda show, starship troopers style?

a research spaceship that has a metric fuckton of torpedos & a political officer, the soviets could not have done it better.

You can think that the LGBTQ+ movement is too 'in your face' and/or have a problem with BLM while at the same time championing and believing in queer and black rights. Those things aren't mutually exclusive. You can be for something while still be against excesses and/or bad things supposedly done in its name.

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