Was “Disappointed” with in Avengers: Endgame, Blames and ...


I actually agree with his take. Although many people probably don't really consider his original work a terrifying view ... it's supposed to be ... Bill played that character with a major intensity and display of psychological conflict. The Hulk is a MONSTER ultimately.

Lou is essentially saying that all the terror and ugliness of that unbridled rage is gone. The original series did this very well ... showing that split and that grotesqueness and all the pain of living that way ... the beauty of that struggle is completely erased now.

I mean really isnt it a story of trying to be good .. or actually BEING good ... and trying to remain pure in a world where there is just fucked up shit around you all the time and rage is inevitable?

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It's ultimately the story of the world we're in now ...

... its what the psychological and spiritual split means. A man who fears himself and his own rage ... and lives in a perpetual state of conflict and loneliness because of it. And now it's like ... oh he merged his brain so he's smart now and is strong. Yeah ... no.

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Lou understands the source material he's pulling from better than anyone.

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