Started exercising again this week ... I've already hurt my neck and back on the rowing machine. I pulled something ... (I was rowing only 30 minutes). So now ... yes ... I'm back to having pain (you know, my favorite). Can't sleep. It's 2am ... and it hurts to lay down. Seriously ... I really just can't win.

It's only been 6 months since I had to stop working out (surgery) ... I mean really? In 6 months my body was like ... NOPE. DONE. THANKS. BYE.

It's insane how quickly one loses the ability to exercise - even the 6 weeks after my hysterectomy set me back a lot. Last week I asked at my gym what I can with an aching back. Right now it's still too sore, but I hope that I can go on the recumbent bike on Monday. Maybe that'd be an option for you?

@shirasade The thing with workout injuries ... for me at least ... is that I never know how serious it is. I feel like I'm in a TON of pain and it makes me want to stop for a while. But is it soreness? Did I pull something? Did I sprain something? Did I tear something? Like ... do I work through it? Do I take a break? I can barely move my neck ... the pain is ridiculous ... I've tried ice and heat ... nothing is helping.

@elitherev Ugh, that sounds horrible - and after this week I can very much relate. I'd say if the pain isn't markedly better after 24 hours, you should probably not work through it but give it time to heal. (Something I enjoy about being in a gym is that I can ask the trainers there.)

@shirasade I worked out this morning ....................... LOL .... through the pain. It didn't get worse but yeah ... I think maybe I should not do anymore rowing. Those are the muscles that seem most painful. I'll stick to the treadmill and elliptical for now.

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