How much do I love ? is a dream to watch. And the writing .... my god ...

How refreshing to see a teenager who isn't a selfish, sociopathic, mean girl. How epic to see a divorced couple who love each other and aren't just tolerating each other with snark and bullshit. How nice to see an interracial family where race has nothing to do with anything ...


is breath of fresh family air. THIS is a family I love ... this is a family I want to watch ... this is a family I want to root for. I don't give two shits about the supernatural whateverthefuck ... the writing, the performances, the NORMALCY ... it all makes me care about these PEOPLE.

@elitherev I downloaded the first ep but haven't watched it yet. Will definitely do after this endorsement!

@shirasade I'm enjoying it a lot but I'm an Allison Tolman fan ... I love how normal she looks (that's not mean to be offensive). But normally in American TV you don't have female leads who look like her. Her character is also so normalized, I find it totally believable. I guess the writers like Amblin stuff ... so supernatural/scifi with a heart and family at the center. It shows. Ratings however are BAD so I doubt it will get a season 2 ...

@shirasade I'm also enjoying the show EVIL. It's kind of fun. I love the lead woman and her gaggle of daughters ... I liked episode 1 a great deal. You might wanna check it out as well.

@elitherev If it's not too dark, I might. I like the sound of having a priest as part of the team.

@shirasade The first episode is kinda ... well .... I guess what do you mean by dark? I didn't think it was scary. More of an adventure? Each episode deals with a different religious phenomena so the first one is kinda demonic-ish and the second is about a hospital miracle ... but it's not gory like AHS or something. It was really, really mild. Like the old Friday The 13th The Series show I dunno if you remember that?

@elitherev I don't know Friday the 13th, but maybe I can brave it, if it's not too scary. (I'm a wuss.)

@shirasade Oh it was an old show from the 90s? Each episode was about a different cursed object. It actually was really fun. I guess Evil is like the InBetween ... it's mild in that way. Not gross or gore porn or anything. Prodigal Son is also MILD ... it's a Hannibal/Silence Of The Lambs ripoff with the guy from Good Omens :) It's kinda silly honestly :) But you might find it worth watching. It's a good show for me to watch on the elliptical :)

@elitherev I can watch The InBetween, although there were a couple of moments where I jumped a little. (That old lady ghost in the hospital basement, for example.) Not really into Hannibal/Silence of the Lamb type things, even if Michael Sheen is in it. I'm currently happily taking a trip down memory lane with The Nanny. And rewatching Flashpoint.

@elitherev She does look more like someone who'd be on a British show. Such a pity about the ratings!

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