So ... my friend injured her back at work and had to get to physical therapy for a few weeks. During the time she was there both the guy who was giving her therapy and massage and his supervisor found and messaged her on ... The supervisor saying "I thought that beautiful face looked familiar" etc. Once she was done with physical therapy (within hours of her last appointment), he messaged her again asking her out since she was no longer a patient. It feels really creepy to me.


I'm insanely biased because in general I think men are creepy but the idea that this guy was kind of watching her and scoping her out while she was getting back massages and therapy in his office, checked to see if she was on match, and then messaged her just feels all kinds of wrong. But maybe this is how people date these days?

@elitherev yikes!!

I agree that it's all sorts of creepy. And very unprofessional, to say the least. Also .... raises a lot of red flags for me.

But I'm always the judgey "Dump him" friend so :blobupsidedown:

@pink_ink I am always that friend too ... but something about that raised major flags for me as well. It just seems so super creepy to pick up women in such a way. But I feel like maybe I'm in the minority feeling that way.

@elitherev hmm. Maybe?
I'm very suspicious of (straight) dating culture in general, though, so I'm definitely biassed.

@pink_ink Most of it makes me go EWWW by default as well ...


I agree with your creepy feels. That's really disturbing.

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