Injured my back last week and now I'm back in a state of . I thought I'd left chronic pain behind after my previous surgery ... after March it was the first time I'd been 99% pain free in over 8 years. Being in this place again has really plunged me into a deep depression almost instantly ... the idea of taking pain meds again is also incredibly upsetting. Pain is a part of life but when you live with chronic pain and finally become pain free you never want to experience it again ...

@elitherev oh no! I'm so sad to see this. I can only imagine how frustrating and disheartening this must feel. :blobheart:

@compostablespork Thank you ... it's really bringing me down. It's not that I ever expected to not have pain again it's just ... it was so amazing to have my life back and to be free of pain. I guess now I'm just really oversensitive to any pain. It just makes me feel like I'm back in that same place again. Back pain is the worst too ... it can really run you down. I hope I can get some relief soon. I'm trying to keep my spirits up.

@elitherev yes! I think once the body knows how bad something can get, any reminders easily spiral into worst case scenarios. Probably good evolutionary strategy if we had a previous wolf encounter or snakebite but very taxing when it's chronic pain or other internal ailments. I hope this will ease up soon and that your creative mind will find a way to adapt to the circumstances.

@elitherev this sounds really heartbreaking :(

I hope the pain will become more manageable soon!

Sending you good thoughts, if wanted 🌻


Oh no, that's awful! Chronic pain is one of the most depressing things there is. 😩

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