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Episode 1 of was absolutely AMAZING and powerful to experience. ’s performance perfectly portrayed her character’s suppressed rage. The writing flawlessly draws you into the politics of Australia and issues surrounding women and Aboriginals. This is a MUST WATCH show.

absolutely DID NOT disappoint. Episode 1 shows some beautiful performances and excellent . I appreciated the pacing and reveals even though it's pretty easy to figure out. It was still thrilling and intriguing. I'm hooked. Great work.

Not a huge fan of so far ... all new shows take a while to get their legs but I'm finding it just really boring right now. It's possible that things will pick up as the series goes on. Ratings are terrible though and without that automatic CW -> Netflix deal existing anymore, chances of renewal are slim for low rated shows. We'll see how it goes.

Didn't realize episode 1 of (Australia) aired already. I kind of preferred when it was called to be honest. is EVERYTHING. I can't wait to dive into this political drama.

What's the reality then? That ultimately it took me 48 years to write the first 200 pages of the novel I developed as a child .... and now ... am I even gonna be able to finish it since I don't even know what the rest of the story is? Well, I know the ENDING ... almost as well as I know the beginning ... but the middle ... the entire middle is like ... a blank space. I don't have another 48 years ... I probably don't even have another 20 ...

Maybe I'm also not as creative or imaginative as I was in my teens and twenties ... Now I'm old and depressed and fighting chronic issues and just trying to get through the day ... Maybe that's the real problem ... maybe I just don't have it anymore ...

New outline is not coming along as smoothly as I would like ... I'm starting to think I really had it easy years ago ... when the first few chapters of my book were just ... so clear in my mind. Obsessive thoughts ... mindmovies I called them. So clear. It was just a dream really that I'd ever get it down on paper. Now that I have ... I feel like the next few chapters are just vague ideas ... buried in a fog I can't seem to navigate through. Or maybe I'm just no good without my friend .... :(

"ALIENATED answers both questions. It’s my take on the classic coming-of-age high school tale, by which I mean it’s got as much vicious toxicity about it as it has awkwardness and heart. Some kids find pirate treasure, some kids find a dead body on the train tracks; these kids find an nth-dimensional psychic entity which hungers for brainwaves. Mischief and murder ensues." - Spurrier

is a new series from and

"I always wondered what would’ve happened if E.T. had been befriended by someone a little less... nice. Someone with issues. Someone with rage and uncertainty and insecurity and big ideas, waiting to be tested. A teenager, basically. Or better yet, three of them. Then again, I always wondered what would’ve happened if E.T. himself had been a bit more, y’know. Alien. As in: ineffably strange. And terrifying." - Spurrier

That's not to say that this kind of thing doesn't happen ... I just ... don't want to read something so utterly typical so I don't want to write it either. I'm trying to think of another way of doing this ... but I'm unsure of how to make it work. This is a believable situation ... but maybe because it's so believable, that's what makes it feel so cliche ...

Took the first week of October off just to have fun and relax ... now it's back to focusing on my novel. Working on my outline for the next 200 pages or so.

I came up with a scene that I kind of turn my nose up at. It seems like a very cliche situation ... that is ... a kind of universal theme that probably everyone can relate to and understand. It turns me off for that reason. In short, a character lies to someone she cares about to protect them from a dangerous truth ... It just seems cliche.

Anti-Trump Genius (and epic taste in film) 

Well ... Marco B Bucci's REALLY caught me off guard. Marco's earnest words in "The Secret" afterward really moved me so very much. It swept me up unexpectedly and left me lingering in a deeply emotional space ...

Started exercising again this week ... I've already hurt my neck and back on the rowing machine. I pulled something ... (I was rowing only 30 minutes). So now ... yes ... I'm back to having pain (you know, my favorite). Can't sleep. It's 2am ... and it hurts to lay down. Seriously ... I really just can't win.

It's only been 6 months since I had to stop working out (surgery) ... I mean really? In 6 months my body was like ... NOPE. DONE. THANKS. BYE.

is breath of fresh family air. THIS is a family I love ... this is a family I want to watch ... this is a family I want to root for. I don't give two shits about the supernatural whateverthefuck ... the writing, the performances, the NORMALCY ... it all makes me care about these PEOPLE.

How much do I love ? is a dream to watch. And the writing .... my god ...

How refreshing to see a teenager who isn't a selfish, sociopathic, mean girl. How epic to see a divorced couple who love each other and aren't just tolerating each other with snark and bullshit. How nice to see an interracial family where race has nothing to do with anything ...

In August, a group of computer scientists from the University of Copenhagen and other universities used machine learning to analyze 3.5 million books, published between 1900 to 2008, to find out whether the language used to describe men and women differed — spoiler alert: it did.

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