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This looks like the old 80s scifi I used to love! AND OMFG THAT is EPIC and those colors ... oh this is just TOO SEXY.

Whenever I watch a film or play a video game that REALLY moved me or spoke to me, I have always made it a point to watch all the credits and scan every name involved with making it ... especially for video games. I never skip credits in that regard. If I had a powerful, emotional experience with something then I owe thanks to everyone who made that possible in the medium. Art like that is work. It takes thousands to make it happen. All of those names in the credits should be at least seen ...

Um .... I don't ... .quite .... understand ....

women seven times more likely to consume medical daily than heterosexual women, study finds ...

When your chapter starts veering in a direction totally different from your outline and at first you're kind of delighted by the feeling of your story evolving in a new, random way but then you're just kind of like fuuuuck ..... oh no ........

Sony Pictures CEO Wants To Remake and Has The Perfect Response ...


American dictionary Merriam-Webster has added the non-binary pronoun "they" to its vocabulary. Merriam-Webster has expanded the definition of "they" to reflect the fact that it can be "used to refer to a single person whose is ". "It's an expansion of a use that is sometimes called the 'singular they'," the dictionary stated.

is .... really great, great, great TV ... yes if you have a brain it's easy to kind of predict BUT is SO damn good ... You can literally see her whole world collapsing in her closeup at one point ... I mean ... it gave me goosebumps

A tale of women's empowerment, tells the true story of , the historic Queen of who fiercely led her army against the British in the infamous mutiny of 1857. She is played by in this film

The pain of trying to get every last bit of beautiful epic deliciousness out of your $18 nub. It's worth burning your fingers on truly perfect .

Feeling a tremendous amount of stress trying to finish this chapter so I can outline through October and be ready for ... adding pressure to my never helps ... I already know that but NaNoWriMo would be a great time for me to dive into the next sections of my book with fresh ideas for the next 200 pages or so. The timing of things is just making feel rushed and that sucks. So I guess I was HOPING to outline through October ... we'll just have to see how it goes.

I'm insanely biased because in general I think men are creepy but the idea that this guy was kind of watching her and scoping her out while she was getting back massages and therapy in his office, checked to see if she was on match, and then messaged her just feels all kinds of wrong. But maybe this is how people date these days?

So ... my friend injured her back at work and had to get to physical therapy for a few weeks. During the time she was there both the guy who was giving her therapy and massage and his supervisor found and messaged her on ... The supervisor saying "I thought that beautiful face looked familiar" etc. Once she was done with physical therapy (within hours of her last appointment), he messaged her again asking her out since she was no longer a patient. It feels really creepy to me.

Just watched episode 1 of ...

... my god ...
how wonderful is this?

Absolutely beautiful.
Watch it in FRENCH.
It's ..... unbelievably good.

... and yeah, I'm in love with Victoire Du Bois that goes without saying.

Ok ... after episode 2 ... now ABSOLUTELY has my FULL ATTENTION. I'm IN.

Interesting day. Being a shit person allows me to be able to write shitty people well and I have a harder time with more ... upstanding characters. I'm wrestling with one such character lately who I just can't seem to get a feel for. I was a very optimistic pre-teen which is when this character was created. Nowadays I just can't wrap my head around her but I don't want to alter her too much. I'm worried I'm writing her too one dimensional ... as if she's a personified ideal.

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